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9-10:15am followed by tea and coffee.


Glenvale Centre, Cnr Baker and Harris Roads, Edenglen

Who can attend:

Everyone is welcome.
Feel free to arrive any time from 8:30am if you would like to meet us and grab a cup of tea or coffee before the service which starts at 9am.

Other religions/ denominations:

You are welcome to visit and join us in learning about God together. We are not Anglican/Catholic/Methodist/Baptist/Pentecostal… in fact we’re a Non-denominational, Bible believing, Jesus Christ centred church. We are partnered with a Christian organisation called NCMI. This gives us accountability to a group of fellow Christian churches and provides us with the comfort and discipline of collective leadership.

Dress code:

No formal dress code is required. Come dressed as if you were meeting a friend at the shops or for coffee.

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Feel free to keep your baby with you during the service, we do have a mother’s room at the back of the church for moms to attend to their children who are younger than two years old.


Toddler area with live feed of the service and a childminder present.


Kids church (ages 4-12 years) starts and ends at the same time as the main church service.
The kids section is located two “shops” away from the main church.
A parent needs to sign the kids in during the service.
Alternatively they can sit with you in the main building during the “adult service”.

Youth (13-20 year olds):

Meet on Friday night at 18:30 (currently digital).

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What to expect if you have never been to church and don’t know what to do.

A great many things happen on a Sunday morning service, which makes it quite impossible to explain fully.
Sometimes God moves us to do things differently, so things do change.
This is roughly what you can expect.

Feel free to join us for tea and coffee before the service.

Service starts at 9am.

An “acoustic/rock style band” leads us as we sing songs together to praise and worship God.
A leader in the church or a visiting leader delivers the message.

Join us again for tea and coffee after the service as we socialise and get to know each other.
Ask your questions and learn about the other activities of the church.

Some first steps to knowing God…

We want to share with you the good news about what we’re experiencing with God. We want to share the answers we have found to life’s challenges. We hope you encounter God and learn how to be a follower of Jesus.

Decide to attend church this Sunday morning.
Read this section on “what to expect if you’re brand new and completely intimidated by “church friends”.
Lock up those fears and rock up.
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Hope City Church a charismatic church - Reach out and contact us

Feel free to give us a call on the numbers below or pop us an email if you have any questions.

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