Hope City Church is a charismatic church that help to point you towards God. Bible Believing Christian Church located in Modderfontein/Greenstone

We are a Bible believing Christian church in Edenglen.

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People don’t go to church because they:

  • Don’t feel they can ask real questions
  • Too busy for church on a Sunday
  • Feel God is missing from the church

Some people are unaware that their troubles, loneliness or emptiness are rooted in not knowing God.

What’s your reason?
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Are you going to let these reasons stand in the way?

At Hope City Church we desire to know God
and make Him known through:

  • Connecting with God – adoring Him and singing His praises
  • Connecting with others – belonging to a community of friends and family
  • Serving God – getting involved with God’s work
  • Sharing what you know about God with others
  • Being helped and helping others become more like Christ
Hope City Church is a charismatic church where people coming together to serve God

A quick story before you scroll into oblivion…

A group of us were at a friend’s 40th birthday party. The house was loaded with the birthday girl’s friends and family. We were all having a great time talking and joking around, as one does at a party.

As the night roared on, one of the birthday girl’s “running buddies” asked us how we knew the birthday girl… so one of us said “from church”… the friend nearly fell off her chair, spluttering “but you guys are fun! I can’t believe I’ve just spent the whole evening with “the church friends”.

We all had a good chuckle at her surprise in finding that “church people” are not all boring, false, full of doom and that in fact there is real joy in being part of God’s family.

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Hope City Church is a charismatic church_On A More Serious Note
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Hope City Church is a charismatic church_On A More Serious Note

What would you answer if Jesus Christ asked you these questions today?

  1. …Why do you worry about clothes?… (Matthew 6:28)
  2. …Why are you so afraid?… (Matthew 8:26)
  3. …Where is your faith?… (Luke 8:25)
  4. …What do you want me to do for you?… (Matthew 20:32)

Life is a series of questions.
As one of many different ways to encounter God, come visit Hope City Church.

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Come along this Sunday or pop us an email here, let’s ask questions and find answers together.
You may have questions to ask God, questions to ask others and questions to ask yourself.

The Bible has answers, God has answers but, it’s a process – start yours by visiting us on Sunday. Bring your kids along, bring your friends… yes even the “running friends”, “school friends” “work friends” and your mother-in-law.

Some first steps to knowing God…

We want to share with you the good news about what we’re experiencing with God. We want to share the answers we have found to life’s challenges. We hope you encounter God and learn how to be a follower of Jesus.

Decide to attend church this Sunday morning.
Read this section on “what to expect if you’re brand new and completely intimidated by “church friends”.
Lock up those fears and rock up.
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If you’re here to do your homework on finding a place to meet with God:

Hope City Church is a charismatic church where we work on finding God
Learn “About us” to see who our leaders are, see our history, values and beliefs click here.
Read the “Ministry” section to see what else we’re doing as a group other than just going to church on a Sunday.
Access the “Resources” section where you can find; past sermon recordings, lists of other churches which are part of the NCMI organisation… and which might be closer to you if you’re not near Edenglen.

If you’re here to “expose your kids to Jesus and church”,
so they can choose for themselves:

Hope City Church is a charismatic church. Expose your children to Jesus
Read “What to expect if you have never been to church and don’t know what to do”. (here)
Read the “New People/Visitors” page for basic info and the section on babies, children and teens.
Access the “Resources” section where you can find, a link to look at some affiliated churches which might be closer to you if you’re not near Edenglen. Or you might feel is a better fit for your family.
God working in our lives – as shared on WhatsApp

(published with permission)

Just wanted to share a testimony of God's divine protection. Gigi and I are at Spur in Karaglen having supper with the kids and my folks. 5 minutes ago an armed gang walked into Spur and robbed the restaurant and all the people having dinner. Here’s the amazing thing. They didn’t come into the kids section. Unbelievable! Father thank you for your divine protection. Ok my dinner is getting cold. Bye for now
Sjoe Guys. Quick testimony: this morning I prayed for some new business as I have made no sales for a while. Then 5 hours later A client I did work for three months ago phones me and wants to talk about a new project... And I also got a notification from my website to say someone else was mildly interested in some other stuff... Wow, God is real and he's here today. 🙂
Morning guys, have an awesome testimony to share.......some of you at Tuesday life group will know that I've been praying for my sister and her husband in Ballito about their work situation. They have really been battling financially and have not managed to secure any contracts. I specifically prayed that they get so much work they won’t know how to cope with it all 😜 when I spoke to her yesterday she said they have been so busy they could barely cope, and had to ask my brother (who I’ve also been praying for) to come down and help them. So in awe, of Gods greatness!
Gedurend December het ek gebid dat volgende jaar besighied sal makliker word. In Januarie bel een van my versakaffers en se “ek moet kom kyk wat hulle gaan afskryf en ek kan dit kry”. Toe ek deur die stoor loop, se sy vir my “jy kan alles vat maar dit moet vandag wees” to vra ek hoeveel dit my gaan kos se sy “as long as you take it now you can have it all for free” Toe het ons alles gehaal en getel was dit amper n miljoen rand se waarde.
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